Better Than A Flat Pack Kitchen

Because Itís Already Assembled !!


We are a locally owned Australian manufacturer, employing
local tradespeople.


If you have ever tried to put together a flat-pack kitchen, you will understand
just how fiddly and frustrating it can be.


That is where we come in… We do all the assembly for you, so all you have to do is the
fun parts!! You can still be your own kitchen designer and make all the choices regarding
which cabinets go where, you choose the colour scheme and the layout. We do the fiddly bits
in putting it together, and then we arrange for delivery to your home. Then you step back in
for the finishing touches and with the help of our free DVD you complete the installation
and put everything in it's place.


For an easy way to get a quote simply draw a sketch of your new kitchen along with some measurements and email or fax us the sketch. Alternatively you can use our Online Order Form.

How It Works