How It Works…




Firstly make a rough sketch of how you want your kitchen to
look, work out where you would like your cabinets, drawer units,
pantry etc to fit. When you have a clear idea of how it all fits together
to best suit you, then work your way through our library of cabinet units
to find the ideal pieces for your project. Take a look at our example pages to
give you an idea. Remember that we can stretch or shrink our standard cabinets to
suit your design…

Once you have the parts you need begin drawing them onto the graph pages supplied and
note the units etc onto the order form. Draw out your benchtop layout, and complete the edge
and corner details as per the second example page. Choose and fill in the colour for your  doors,
benchtops, kickboards and your handles on the order form. Complete your details including contact
information in case we need to double check anything… Send the form to us, and we'll take care of the

When your cabinets are ready you will be contacted to arrange delivery, and from there you take over again to
install the job. Our free instructional DVD will cover all the points you need to know about howto put it all together.


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